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Bonikka Flower Girl Pink

£19.99 GBP

This wonderful soft rag doll is distinctive for her beautiful pink floral dress. she is so soft, it is impossible to resist the temptation to cuddle her. A lovely doll, perfect for any toy or gift shop.

So unique yet such a simple design, the Bonikka Flower Girl Pink is perfect as a first doll for new borns or young babies. With incredibly soft bodies, they are just waiting to be cuddled, loved and kept as a comforting doll. Faces are stitched and have a pretty smile. The dress is gorgeous floral fabric and the co-ordinating ribbons and flower in the hair just finishes off the look nicely.

Safe and soft, especially perfect for babies, the dolls have a traditional feel about them, which will always be a style and design loved by all. The floral fabric of the dress is what makes these dolls so unique and combined with the flower in the hair, is what gives them the name Flower Kids.

Age: Suitable from Birth
Size: 35cm