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Lifeskills Board Puzzle

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Develop children’s fine motor skills and dexterity as they explore each different component. Undo a lock, latch or zip anywhere on the board as the hidden scenes are unveiled underneath.

Little fingers can lift the elastic from the buttons on the clouds, unzip the orange tent, lift the latch of the metal lock buckle on the grey house, unclip the buckle on the barn, undo the belt buckle on the yellow house, and open the leather pouch on the purple house.

A fun, sensory way to build fine motor skills and basic life skills (zipping up clothes, putting on belts etc) as well as encourage language development and discussion. Suitable for 2+ years.

Lifeskills Board - product features:

  • Develops fine motor skills and dexterity
  • High quality materials
  • Encourage life skills practice
  • 2+ years