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Pirate Queen Lottie Doll

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There is a pirate themed raft race at this year’s Branksea Regatta which starts at the pier and ends with a treasure hunt on Smugglers Cove beach. Lottie reads the tale of Grace O’ Malley, a real life pirate who lived many years ago in Ireland, and decides that Grace is going to be the inspiration for her crew. Grace’s father was a clan chieftain who taught her to sail and she eventually came to be in charge of hundreds of men and many ships and became a very powerful woman; a ‘Pirate Queen’.

Hair: Red; Eyes: Green


Brown corduroy shorts
Green sash
Orange and white striped long sleeve top with removable skull and crossbones patch
Pale blue waistcoat with black felt and button contrast detail
Cream tights
Pirate boots with buckle
Black Pirate Hat
A cutlass sword
Grace O’ Malley collector cards
Accessory Set Available

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